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Memberhip Form

In order to qualify for a Belmont-Watertown Local First Business Membership, ALL of the following statements must be true:

  • My business is independent and privately held (not publicly traded).
  • The business is located in Watertown and/or Belmont and 50% or more of the business ownership lives in Massachusetts.
  • My business is based locally and has no corporate or national headquarters outside the state.
  • My business can make independent decisions regarding the name and look of the business, as well as all business purchasing practices and distribution.
  • My business pays all marketing, rent, and other business expenses without assistance from a corporate headquarters.
You may select more than one

Business members are listed in our upcoming Directory and on our website, BelmontWatertownLocalFirst.org

After submitting this form, you'll be given the opportunity to pay online via PayPal, or you can send your check payable to Belmont-Watertown Local First to:
   Belmont-Watertown Local First
   PO Box 735
   Watertown, MA 02471

Your business listing will appear in our online directory as soon as payment is received.

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