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About Belmont-Watertown Local First

Belmont-Watertown Local First Mission

It is Belmont-Watertown Local First's mission to build a strong local economy and a vibrant community by:

  • Bringing together independent businesses for mutual benefit.
  • Initiating and supporting public policy that improves the business environment for locally owned businesses
  • Organizing a Local First campaign that educates customers, businesses, and government agencies to the benefits of purchasing from locally-owned businesses`

Founding Members and Planning Board

Don Levy, Chairman, Deluxe Town Diner
Ernest Berardinelli, Treasurer, 31 Irving Trust
Rena Baskin, Clerk and Community Liaison
Barry Steinberg, Direct Tire & Auto Service
Sonia Boyajian, Real Estate 109
Eric Luden, Digital Silver Imaging
Amy Rothman, The Bookcase Factory
Deb Smith, Attorney at Law
Jonathan Rosenthal, Consultant
Aravinda Ananda - Community Associate
Joseph Rotella - Community Associate
Shannon Sadowsi - Community Associate



Watertown residents Rena Baskin, Barbara Ruskin, and Jonathan Rosenthal began conversations with national Local First leader Laury Hammel in the fall of 2011 about the possibility of starting a Watertown Local First organization of locally owned and independent business owners. After a series of meetings with various local independent business leaders, Don Levy of the Deluxe Town Diner agreed to chair Watertown Local First. A meeting was held on November 1, 2011 (11/1/11) and five independent business owners agreed to found Watertown Local First:

Barry Steinberg, Direct Tire & Auto Service
Don Levy, Deluxe Town Diner
Amy Rothman Kelley, The Bookcase Factory Outlet
Paul Maslow, Strip-T’s
Ahmad Yasin, Kareem Culinary

Belmont businesses were invited to become part of the organization in January of 2013, and the organization officially changed its name to Belmont-Watertown Local First in April of that year.

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